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Red Road West Tour: Friends and Neighbors in Bellingham, WA.

May 24, 2021 |Bellingham, WA.

Neighboring the Lummi Indian Reservation, the city of Bellingham has played host to numerous Totem Pole Journey blessing ceremonies over the past two decades, consistently bringing out strong support from faith-based organizations, environmental groups, and everyday citizens. The House of Tears Carvers has longstanding ties with members of the Bellingham community, who stood by the Lummi Nation in its successful struggle to defeat the Cherry Point Coal Terminal, as well as its continued efforts to defend Indigenous treaty rights and settler treaty obligations. On May 24th, the 48th stop on the Red Road West Tour found the #RedRoadtoDC totem pole in downtown Bellingham for a multi-faith ceremony. Below are some of the news articles, live stream videos, and photos from this event.

Local Press Coverage:

House of Tears Carvers visit Bellingham with totem pole bound for DC (Salish Current, May 27th)

Lummi Totem Pole To Embark on Journey to D.C. and the Smithsonian (Whatcom Talk, May 17th)

Lummis call for accountability on Red Road to D.C. (The Lynden Tribune, May 12th)

The Red Road: Lummi totem pole journey begins (Cascadia Weekly, May 12th)

Live Stream, Part #1:

Live Stream, Part #2:

Live Stream, Part #3: (Click Here)

Photos (courtesy of above publications and Jill MacIntyre Witt):