Protect the Missouri River

This Summer, the House of Tears Carvers of the Lummi Nation will carve and transport a 24-foot totem pole from Washington State to Washington DC. We will stop at the Missouri River on our journey — honoring, uniting and empowering communities working to protect all sacred places. It carries the spirit of the lands it visits and the power and prayers of communities along the way — ultimately delivering these prayers, power and demands to the Biden-Harris Administration and Congress in Washington DC.

Sign our petition to ask that President Biden and Congressional leaders commit to these Principles and recognize the rights of Native Nations, traditional societies, ceremonial grounds, ceremonial leaders, and Indigenous Peoples.

Here is the petition you are signing:

President Biden and Congressional leaders must direct all federal agencies to require the engagement and consent of affected Native Nations, early in the planning process, and before any federal project is approved.

The U.S. government must uphold Native People’s Free Prior & Informed Consent, as guaranteed by the United Nations.