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The Water Strider: White Earth / Stop Line 3

July 26, 2021 |White Earth, MN

The Water Strider by Star Wallowing Bull

Star Wallowing Bull is Ojibwe-Arapaho and is a member of the White Earth Nation in Minnesota. 


According to the Anishinaabe’s Seven Generations and Seventh Fire prophecies, we are in the time when we have a choice between two paths. One path is well worn, scorched and leads to our destruction. The other path is new, green and leads to mino-bimaadiziwin (the good life). We must choose to walk the new path by saying “no” to the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline and other fossil fuel investments, and “yes” to renewable energy investments. The path must be grounded in Indigenous Knowledge, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and a deep reverence for our Mother Earth.