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Woven Landscape: Chaco Canyon

July 18, 2021 |Chaco Canyon

WOVEN LANDSCAPE: CHACO CANYON by Darby Raymond-Overstreet (Diné)

From the artist: This land is Sacred. Protection of the Earth is woven throughout our cultural teachings as Diné, and through this piece I want to share this vision of collective responsibility to protect what is sacred. As the land gives freely and abundantly to us all, it leaves itself vulnerable to exploitative practices fueled by greed. There are those who see the Earth and land as something they can own and consume endlessly, but as Indigenous peoples many of us understand the land to be a relative with whom we share a symbiotic relationship with. When I look at the land of my ancestors, I see beauty, balance, and harmony, which is why I depict the landscape of Chaco Canyon through the woven patterns of my people. It is my hope that we can protect these lands so that our descendants can see and experience this same beauty.

Darby Raymond-Overstreet is a featured artist in the R.A.D. program by the outdoor blanket company Rumpl. As a part of the program she created a new blanket design for the company to feature on a selection of their outdoor products including a NanoLoft® Puffy Blanket, Stash Mat, and Shammy Travel Towel Set.

Instagram: @Darby.r.overstreet 

Woven Landscape: Chaco Canyon” by Darby Raymond-Overstreet (Diné)
Digital collage: Diné textiles (1870-1944)